Keer Falls Forest Farm

Mammals at Keer Falls

Roe deer have been known to give birth only yards from our house! But it's more usual for them to remain hidden in the wood during daylight hours

All six of the pictures below, were taken with the same camera, in the same fixed position. Look carefully and when in infrared mode, in the first two you can see a fox crossing the river. In the next three, you can see an otter moving up the river, in the bottom right hand side of the picture.
This camera position is next to our main yard. These animals are all being pictured within a few metres of our sheep and cattle pens. The otter can sometimes be heard in the river or pond, either side of the house, in the middle of the night, whistling. She reared a cub just upstream in 2015. So, I don't begrudge her a few fish from the pond!

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