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In 2009, I started a project for the Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society, writing a number of flock profiles of some of the most significant sheep breeders in the society. To get the ball rolling, I wrote one of my own flock first, to show others how I would format them. A lot has changed since then for us and I suppose it has for others too, but here for the first time in one place, are those profiles.

Writing these flock profiles has given me a unique access to some of the best Whitefaced Woodland flocks in the UK today and has allowed me to build a very comprehensive index of Woodland sheep in the UK and a far deeper understanding of the breed than would ever have been possible by any other means, and for that, I am immensely grateful to all those who have helped and contributed to this body of work. 

I sincerely hope that you too, can benefit from this research, if you are interested in sheep not only of this breed, but also, hopefully, others too, because what makes a Woodland good, will apply to others too.

On this page, are some of the people involved. You can order a copy of the book from Amazon, by clicking on the link to the right.

Philip Onions; the Keer Falls flock

The Dickinsons; the Killybawn flock

Neville Bellfield's flock

The Mortham flock; Ann and Rachel Godschalk

Chris Steel and family; the Byway flock

The Woodhead flock; Karen and Jeff Dowey

The Pikenaze flock; Rider Howard

Harold Hodgson, Clive Mitchel and Tony

The Ladybooth flock; the Shirt family

The Stony Lane flock: the Lees

The Barnsfold flock; Tony Redfern

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